Member’s Images A-H

Every full paying member is encouraged to provide 10 of their favourite for inclusion in the site.

These can be updated at will by a member via the web manager (Tony Slater).  The only acceptable files are xxxx.jpg and essential format for submitting files is Initial Surname Title.jpg (e.g J Bloggs Rainbow over Yoxall.jpg) with a maximum upload file size of 64 MB.  Colour should be RGB and resolution should be either 72dpi or 150dpi (72dpi is sufficient for most computer applications, 150dpi works well with the latest technology screens as well as the traditional screens) with a maximum size on one aspect of 2000px.  A title is especially important for images on a site such as the YCC site.  These add to the story of the image and make the entry more powerful.

This format is important as filing the images will have to be carefully managed.  It is also important to remember the jpg files dumb down the image by trying to compress on each saving (after any type of alteration) so the web manager does not want to be responsible for spoiling your images.
Images for the club’s events (including reviews by external judges) are shown under the Gallery tab and up to 3 images per member can be submitted for inclusion.  The committee would appreciate all entries to any print or Photographic Digital Image (PDI) critique be submitted for the website.
If a member has less than 10 images on their personal site the image submitted for the event will automatically be added to their personal site.  Once the personal site is “full” the web master will only change an image on the formal request of a member.
It goes without saying that images should be suitable for general viewing, and are subject to review by the web master, who will seek the opinion of the committee in the case of any problem.  The decision of the committee will be final!
The web manager’s details are
Tony Slater
Lightwood Road
Tel 01543 472128
Mob 07855 420087